Promoting Health Literacy to reduce Health Inequalities and address the increasing Burden of Disease

The pandemic highlighted the role of health literacy in health promotion at both the individual and community levels. Health literacy is an important determinant of how much health-related knowledge and information individuals can acquire, but also of how they use such knowledge and information to promote and maintain their health. Supporting health literacy development among groups of people who currently have low levels of health literacy is critical but so is improving the way in which healthcare providers communicate health-relevant information.

On 14 December 2023, we presented findings from the Skills Outlook 2023 on the role of health literacy in promoting societal resilience and then opened the floor to a discussion of initiatives aimed at promoting health literacy, improving how health-relevant information is communicated, and at fighting disinformation campaigns which may negatively influence health.

Mark Pearson (OECD) showed new findings on health literacy and public health. A discussion followed with Peter Nowak (Gesundheit Österreich GmbH, Austria), Olha Izhyk (WHO) and Viêt Nguyen Thanh (Santé Publique, France). The event was moderated by Nicola Brandt (OECD).



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