Testing times for international development policy – ideas for action with a focus on climate finance

Multiple global crises and the increasingly urgent need to combat climate change have recently put existing development co-operation concepts to perhaps their toughest test in decades. It has become increasingly difficult for international development actors to deliver the right aid to the right place at the right time, not least because of the devastating impact of crises on poverty and livelihoods. While development resources are becoming more diverse, budget demands are also increasing and funding gaps are growing. In the OECD report „Debating the Aid System“ the OECD Development Centre provides ideas on rethinking development co-operation to overcome those challenges.

On 18 September 2023, the OECD Berlin Centre hosted a webinar to discuss the ideas and approaches of the report and to dig deeper into what is needed to help developing countries to transition towards sustainable economies. Rahul Malhotra (OECD) presented findings from the report and then discussed with Leia Achampong (Eurodad), Juan Casado Asensio (OECD) and Ulrich Volz (IDOS) how to better empower local communities and support locally led development. The event was moderated by Nicola Brandt (OECD).




Further readings:

Climate Finance Shadow Report 2023: Assessing the delivery of the $100 billion commitment. Oxfam briefing paper (5 June 2023)

Debating the Aid System. OECD report (13 February 2023)