Green and clean: Sustainable hydrogen as an opportunity for developing and emerging countries


The production of hydrogen with renewable energies has great potential to enable the use of fossil-fuel-free technologies by the middle of the century. For emerging and developing countries with a wealth of wind or sun, this opens up great development opportunities. In a Webinar on 28 February 2023 we discussed possible keys to success with a focus on standards, certifications and policies that ensure sustainable production.

Joseph Cordonnier, who co-authored the OECD working paper Green hydrogen opportunities for emerging and developing economies, presented recent data and outlined opportunities and success factors for the production of green hydrogen. This was followed by a discussion with Vanessa Séverin (InvestChile), Monika Sturm (Siemens Energy), Andrea Triki (German Energy Agency dena) and Heino von Meyer (International PtX Hub), who discussed policies and technologies to support sustainable hydrogen production. The event was moderated by Nicola Brandt (OECD Berlin Centre).


Presentation by Joseph Cordonnier:

Further reading:

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