Economic and social impacts of the war in Ukraine in Central and Eastern Europe

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The war in Ukraine is first and foremost a human tragedy. With an enormous number of refugees from the war zone arriving in neighbouring countries, a large-scale energy shock and disruption of trade it also has considerable economic and social repercussions with a particularly strong impact on countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

In the first webinar of our new series on Ukraine Richard Grieveson, deputy director at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw), presented key findings of recent wiiw analysis on the repercussions of the war. He focused on the humanitarian impact, economic key figures such as GDP and inflation, trade, labour market developments and possible medium-term structural changes for countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Following the presentation, we discussed scenarios for growth and inflation and the main questions arising for trade as well as the integration of refugees in Europe with Piotr Arak (Polish Economic Institute), Milan Nič (German Council on Foreign Relations), Nicolas Ruiz (OECD) and Barbara Zollmann (German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce). The discussion was moderated by Nicola Brandt (OECD).

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